About us

About me - Christopher Sax

Nice to meet you! My name is Christopher Sax and together with Julia Schabasser I am responsible for the programming part of your new website. I have several years of industry experience in writing commercial software which I make full use of at Websiteriesen. Especially web development is very interesting to me, as this is a perfect way to make a good impression for any company.

My way to the Websiteriesen

I was always fascinated by software. As a teenager, I started programming, especially in the domain of web technologies. After spending several years at different companies, I decided to help my clients build their online presence full time. Together with Julia Schabasser the Websiteriesen were born.


About me - Julia Schabasser

Hello, I am Julia Schabasser, your creative mind for the creation of an extraordinary website!

I am living together with my boyfriend in Lower Austria, in an apartment where we can gaze at the stars during the night. I am part-time web designer and part-time master student of psychology at the University of Vienna. I am also student assistant there. I like to think about original texts for the websites of our clients and write them up later. Besides, I love to read and spend time with my horse, Viktor. He likes bananas a lot and likes to be taken on a walk on the Viennese Praterallee.

My way to the Websiteriesen

Before I met my boyfriend, computer code looked overwhelming and impossible to understand. The more I observed him while programming, the more I had to urge to also learn it myself. With a lot of frustration tolerance I taught myself HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Today, programming is not only a job but also a hobby for me. Also, I learned very quickly that programming is needed for something that I love doing the most: The development of new ideas – for websites of our clients.